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Ed Sheeran

Autumn Variations Sticker Sheet Vinyl

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$24.98 USD
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$24.98 USD

Limited edition exclusive design  with a blank outer sleeve, allowing you to create your own cover collage design with a set of 2 sticker sheets. 

White vinyl housed in a printed inner and outer sleeve with a matt finish.  

Inner sleeve artwork includes full album lyrics and credits. Only 5,000 units available in the US.

Track Listing

  1. Magical 

  2. England 

  3. Amazing 

  4. Plastic Bag 

  5. Blue 

  6. American Town 

  7. That’s On Me 

  8. Page 

  9. Midnight 

  10. Spring 

  11. Punchline 

  12. When Will I Be Alright 

  13. The Day I Was Born 

  14. Head > Heels