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Ed Sheeran

Autumn Variations Fan Living Room Sessions

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Autumn Variations Fan Living Room Sessions – a msg from Ed:
I wanted to record a live version of Autumn Variations, but I wanted to do it in an original way. My first idea was to do it as a living room gig at a fans house, but then I thought why not do each song in a different fans living room and surprise them on their doorstep. We did 14 houses over 2 days and it was such a fun way to meet fans but also record an entire live album. I hope you like it ! It’s the bonus album that you all deserve, and thank you to all the fans who lets us in with zero notice !x

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Save The Music.

Track Listing

1.) Magical

2.) England

3.) Amazing

4.) Plastic Bag

5.) Blue

6.) American Town

7.) That’s On Me

8.) Page

9.) Midnight

10.) Spring

11.) Punchline

12.) When Will I Be Alright

13.) The Day I Was Born

14.) Head > Heels

15.) Magical (Live From Brantlie’s Living Room)

16.) England (Live From Maynard’s Living Room)

17.) Amazing (Live From Kia’s Living Room)

18.) Plastic Bag (Live From Alex’s Living Room)

19.) Blue (Live From Sarom’s Living Room)

20.) American Town (Live From Kari’s Living Room)

21.) That’s On Me (Live From Narine’s Living Room)

22.) Page (Live From Deborah’s Living Room)

23.) Midnight (Live From John’s Living Room)

24.) Spring (Live From Emily’s Living Room)

25.) Punchline (Live From Holly’s Living Room)

26.) When Will I Be Alright (Live From Kristen’s Living Room)

27.) The Day I Was Born (Live From Danielle’s Living Room)

28.) Head > Heels (Live From Keira’s Living Room)